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, we are here live in federal hill, later this morning, about 11:00 k martin o'malley will be here in support of question six tackling the issue of same-sex marriage. there has been controversy over the question for the past several months with clergy speaking out. when martin o'malley signed the protection act in march, the laws affective date was pushed to january. it gave opponents time to peticks the question onto the ballot of of vote for the land mark law allowing it to go in to effect and permit same sex couples to get married and make maryland the 7th state to approve marriage e quality, it wouldn't force clergy to provide ceremonies. tomorrow, marylanders will head to to the polls to make their voices heard. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> not just same-sex marriage voters will decide on, issue is question 7, gambling expansion in maryland. governor o'malley will attends an event in support of question seven. table games will be added to maryland casinos if it passes and another casino built. those in favor it will keep jobs and money in the state. those against it say i
of the support by mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and governor martin o'malley. >> it may not be a victory speech just yet. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the money raised by the campaign behind the ballot questions have absolutely shattered campaign fund raising efforts. >> $96 million has been spent on question 6 and question seven alone. let's go to jane miller, live in the 11 newsroom. >> i am here with the director of the department of public policy. let's talk briefly about the gambling. nearly every poll showed it losing, and yet tonight it seems to be succeeding. what happened? >> either the polls were wrong, or something happened between the last poll and now that switched people's opinion, or the data we are getting is not representative of the polls. one of those three has to be the correct answer. >> question 6 is the historic ballot question in maryland. voters in no state have ever prove same sex marriage, made it legal at the ballot box. this is the latest results, with 60% of precincts in, holding a two-point lead, 51 supporting. montgomery county, a very widely, a significant
and tuesday because of sandy. governor martin o'malley extended voting through tomorrow and ordered polling centers to stay open three hours later. >>> in virginia, fairfax county is extending its in-person absentee voting hours. you can now vote from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night. your last day to submit an in-person absentee ballot is saturday. voting centers will be open from 8:00 until 5:00. you can fandind a list at >>> how president obama and mitt romney both made a little girl cry. >>> plus, stunning video of a double disaster. firefighters battling flames and hurricane sandy at the same time. >>> a cold start to your november and we're keeping track of trouble spots on the road. your weather and traffic next. anncr: it's said that character is what we do... when we think no one is looking. mitt romney: believe that they are victims. anncr: mitt romney thought no one was looking when... he attacked forty-seven percent of americans. his companies shipped jobs overseas. his plan cuts millionaires' taxes, but raises yours. he'll voucherize medicare... and ma
outages in northern virginia and b.g.e. with 6400 outages in maryland. >> maryland governor martin o'malley will spend the day in another part of the state hit hard by sandy. >> he will visit garrett county. take a look at this. two feet of snow from the storm. o'malley meeting with local leaders and emergency management officials. he will also visit a shelter. >> president obama getting a first hand look at the destruction in new jersey. danger continues. on wednesday a gas main broke that sparked several fires. the president told storm victims the government is there for them and he will not tolerate any red tape. >> the federal government will be working as closely as possible with the state and local officials and we will not quit until this is done. >> in the new york area, there are signs of progress as well. kennedy and newark airports reopened with limited service. parts of the subway system will run today and amtrak will start running trains in and out of new york tomorrow. >> good progress there. five days to go until election day. president obama return
of outages. the many and reports over 33 outages. bge has roughly 6300 outages right now. martin o'malley is spending another day checking out the miss left behind it. >> out in garrett county, and more than two feet of snow. widespread outages in that part of the state. he will visit a shelter in oakland, maryland. >> president obama got a firsthand look at destruction and new jersey. entire neighborhoods washed away. on wednesday a gas main broke sparking several fires. the president told victims the government was there for them and he would not tolerate any red tape. >> i can promise you the federal government will be working as closely as possible with local officials and we will not quit until this is done. >> in new york there are some signs of progress. parts of the subway is running today. amtrak will star running trains in and out of new york on friday. >> on tuesday cynthia lopez was working with a tree removal company when the huge tree fell right on top of her. -- a tree fell right on top of him. >> i think he has children. >> there appears to be an accident the health and oc
thinking about 2016. martin o'malley is seen as a possible candidate. secretary of state hillary clinton is a clear favorite in the caucuses. governor o'malley did not do well in that scenario, but he could do better if the secretary does not run. people also shows the governor gets a number of not sure answers when people are asked if they have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of him. we will explain. plus, a man tries to prank his friends in a movie theater. >> covering the nation, in ohio, three children, other on goal, and their grandmother died as a result of a murder-suicides -- and their uncle, and their grandmother died as a result of a murder-suicide. a terrifying prank in colorado plans a 17-year-old boy in police custody. he showed up to the theater wearing a joker mask. he was not armed and did not make any threats, but he was arrested. congress is back in session today. the lame duck session is said to be dedicated to the boarding be fiscal cliff by year's end. unless congress -- to avoiding the fiscal cliff by year's end. unless congress takes action, automatic spending c
martin o'malley's law to allow same-sex couples to wed in the state question 7, to allow the expansion of gambling. officials say that will create thousands of new jobs and keep gaming revenue in the state of maryland. >> it will be a resort that can bring in an additional $200 million to the state and $40 million to prince george's county. that is a good thing for all of us. >> maryland voters also passed the dream act which grants in- state tuition rates to children of undocumented and mint -- undocumented immigrants. >> click on the bar at the top of our home page to get county by county results as well as a map of electoral votes and community breakdowns of the maryland ballot questions. >> still to come -- we will have a look at the closing numbers on wall street and explain why it happened. >> an explosive turnout of support. we will have that story, coming up. >> and we have the very latest on the nor'easter moving up the coast. the forecast is straight ahead. >> you are watching abc7 news at 6:00 with gordon peterson, maureen bunyan, doug hill. this is abc 7 -- on your side. >
years to come. governor martin o'malley raise the possibility that a question seven veils, the general assembly and have to raise taxes to meet future education spending levels. supporters will not start arriving until after 8:00 this evening. it will include a lot of in gm folks and prince george's county executive mr. baker. he has been out front on this issue, pushing hard since january. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now to the controversy still referendum question 6 in which voters are asked whether or not to hold the new state law legalizing same sex marriage. kai reed is downtown with supporters. our supporters optimistic about the outcome? >> i would say optimistic. there are a lot of smiles and laughter as people are setting up for the party that does not start until 8:00 tonight. it will be a tight race with the potential for being a historic night nationwide. three other states besides maryland have same-sex marriage on the ballot tonight. no state has ever approved it at the polls. we have another matter to look at, connecticut, new york, new hampshire, vermont, and was
and expanded gambling in maryland. martin o'malley spoke in favor question 6 and 7 today. both sides have spent millions ads. there are reportedly few and most people evenly split on both issues. >> we will be your all of for the election returns. coverage begins tomorrow at 7:00 have update onl eachocal races for you at hour . come, the latest on get life back to normal in the northeast following hurricane sandy. >> the gerlach -- thousands of absentee voters. how did this happen time and which one counts? explain in my report, coming up. >> the freeze warning in effect for tonight. [ mitt romney ] we have to work on a collaborative basis. look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the fututure generations. and republicans andemocrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not c care less if it's a republican or a da ocrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i appr
are. it's part of an executive order issued by governor martin o'malley mandating these programs. >> we brought everybody to the table and decided about two and half years ago let's expand. not by imposing them on hospitals but trying to bring together the resources so they could, as gbmc most recently did launch this program. >> fighting domestic violence is a personal battle for the lieutenant governor. >>> abc2 first showed you a program used by police forces. it's a series of 13 questions that officers use to identify potential domestic abuse victims. >>> traffic is moving again tonight in mt. vernon. early this week a break closed the area but tonight the department of public works opened the road. >>> well, david petraeus, he resigned a week ago as cia director citing an afair. today he was behind closed doors answering questions. >> as karen travers reports, they're demanding answers on the attack in benghazi. >> reporter: he spoke before two congressional committees without being seen. they are demanding answers on what happened the night the consulate was attacked in bea long will ittsti around.....chief meteorologist vytas reid.... 3 governor martin o'malley has issues with the wwy petitionss are passed.whh he calls the petition process "too easy." doors earry... to bback friday &pshoppers.what time on ááhanksgiving dayá... you'll bb able to score the best deals. [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios. it's about getting fios. that moment after you finally got it, that you actually get it. when you can see blades of artificial grass in their full glory, you get it. or the first time you download a 2-hour movie in 2 minutes, you get it. because once you've got it, you get it. [ female announcer ] it's faster. it's better. so, what are you waiting for? switch to fios tv, internet and phone for just $84.99 a month for a year with no annual contract. or get this great price and $300 back with a two-year agreement. fios brings you the best tv picture quality and internet ranked the fastest in the nation. it's 100% fiber optic, 100% different from cable. switch to fios for our best price online -- just $84.99 a month fo
as well. >> governor martin o'malley will be talking energy and giving opening remarks of utility regulators and expected to discuss a report released last month to make the states electric distribution system stronger against big storms. >>> we are getting more and more cold winter season is finally here, lynette, what did you do yesterday? did you have a light switch? >> i pushed the coal front through with my bare hands. the rain, the cold weather and the breezy conditions, mailed's most powerful radar, picking up on moderate rain around carroll county, baltimore county and sliding towards the east, elkton, cecil, getting in on the action through the rest of the morning. then we will see a break in the action, that's what we like to see through time. manchester, outdoors, you are seeing cloud cover, and wet roadways this morning, bel air, more of the same there, clouds, and this will continue through the morning hours and we will see changes i would say around 2:00, 3:00, that's when conditions will begin to improve. we welcome at temperatures this morning and we are on the chi
martin o'malley officially welcomed the jewish federations of north america 2012 general assembly, one of the largest conventions of jewish lay leaders, philanthropists and groups, many fresh off coming to the aid of those affected by superstorm sandy. >> your work to help the most vulnerable of our neighbors, including those neighbors of ours in new jersey and new york , we would not have put in the category of vulnerable citizens just 10 days ago, is the most important work we do together. >> the general assembly represents 155 jewish federations and 300 networks that raise and distribute more than $1 billion each year for social welfare and education and they're in baltimore for three days to examine the most pressing issues facing the jewish community, from religion and culture to politics and business. >> it's been a dream of ours to have the kind of gathering to show off for baltimore and also to engage with our friends and colleagues from around the country. >> once a year time when everybody gets a chance to sit together and sit, not just listen, but to talk with one another an
. martin o'malley is being included as a democrat possibly eyeing the white house. and a new survey of 400 iowa democrats, it shows hillary clinton as the clear favorite in the 2016 caucuses. the maryland governor did not fare well in that ceremony. he got 4% in the poll of a hypothetical run. he drew not sure responses. >> you amde need to think of another way to get to work tomorrow after to water main break. the first happened in baltimore city at madison and guilford avenue is where it 30 inch main burst. residents and businesses experienced a loss of water are lower water pressure as a result. madison between faldway to clavert -- calvert remain closed. dpw crews are dealing with a 16 inch pipe break in rosedale. that happen on philadelphia wrote. affected water service by -- at hospital nearby. officials say they hope to have overnight.epaired this comes five days after a 60 inch line adopted on north charles and 20th street. >> maryland state police say to people are dead and three others hurt after a tractor trailer overturned on to a pickup truck in liberty town. a tractor traile
all know and marylanders are going to be facing this election day. question 6, governor martin o'malley signed it into law. there were so many opponents, they pushed it, got a lot of signatures, pushed it to a referendum. this is going to be the place where lots of people will be coming who are for same-sex marriage. it could be a very historic vote. let me show you what's going on here. mott much right now. it is pretty quiet in this area. you can see back there and there's a stage, the marylanders for quality are hoping to -- eequality are hoping to have a party here. this is going to be the first time frk it passes a public vote, that means people who live in the state will have passed same-sex marriage. it's currently legal in six states and d.c. but every time legalized by court ruling and legislative vote. i will tell you one thing, probably be the only time ulg not see me with this thing on my head because it's actually quiet right now but this is going to be a very, very busy place a little bit later on. we're live here in baltimore, maryland, back to you. >> it is a topic and i
. gov. martin o'malley's name is not on the ballot but much of his legislation agenda is. table games would go before the voters. >> vote for schools, jobs, vote for question 7. >> pass or fail, it is still part of his agenda. he has a long history of opposing gambling money. he proclaimed as an embarrassing way to solve fiscal problems. he said funding education with a gambling gimmick is a false and bonehead idea. he said it was a morally bankrupt way to fund education and said he was sick of that issue. >> it would have been better if we could have been done with this five years ago. >> legally recognizing same-sex marriages also part of the governors' agenda. it involved from the catholic church to supporting several unions as mayor. >> whether it is the human dignity of every person, it should be respected equally under the law. >> the redistricting measures, critics say a strong to favor democrats. there is also the tree back, question 4, which gives illegal immigrant students and increased college tuition rate. >> i think it signals more of that the confluence of a court decisi
. governor martin o'malley, who helped push for the amendment, celebrated the win in baltimore. he said this issue will ultimately help bring maryland together. >> what the people of maryland -- democrats, republicans, independents, christians, jews, muslims -- came together and concluded tonight was this, that every child's home deserves to be protected equally under the law. >> the amendment will take effect january 1st of next year. >>> maryland will also soon have a new casino in prince george's county. question seven, the gaming expansion question, passed 52-48%. you see on your screen there. it also allows table games in the state's existing casinos. you see there the passage of referendum sparked a large celebration at national harbor overnight. that's where the new casino is set to be built. those pushing for the casino say additional money will help state schools and keep money inside maryland. >> marylanders also approved question four, allowing undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition at maryland colleges. students must attend a maryland high school for three years and
johnson, abc2 news. >>> another issue is same-sex marriage, governor martin o'malley on federal hill supporting the marriage equality bill at 11:00. he will head over to college park in the afternoon, rally supporting it there. the marriage alliance will hold a prayer vigil urging people to vote against question 6. that's in rock city at a church set for 6:00. >>> the dream act, allowing children of illegal immigrants to attend state schools at a lower rate. students have to meet requirements, a rally will be held at montgomery college to silver spring campus, supporting the dream act. >>> tomorrow is election day and the push is on, president obama is bringing in star power for his day on the campaign trail. music legend, bruce springsteen will perform in wisconsin, ohio and iowa. jay-z will be performing a at the ohio state. michelle obama is expected to join her husband at his last stop in iowa. >>> mitt romney making stops in key states as well today. making his pitch to voters, he will be in florida, virginia and new hampshire, going to watch the returns in boston, he was in iow
, about 10:15 at the inner harbor, governor martin o'malley will head to an event in support of question 7. question 7, would allow a las vegas style casino and table games, blackjack and roulette at the fife previously authorized slot locations, question 7 is a ballot measure rising or falling based on the number of votes it receives. under the constitution, major expansion of gambling, including new sites must be put to the statewide vote. the idea that table games are already an operation at casinos in three of the four neighboring states and patrons come from maryland, some say it's foolish not to compete. the state and prince georges county need the tax revenue, under state law, half the rv generated by slot members is marked for the education trust fund, which can be used to pay for education programs. some folks against question 7 don't think the money will go to help education. folks will line up, to vet vote yes or no for question 7. >>> time to move away from politics for a moment and find out how your morning commute is going. >> loren cook, standing by with a check of the road
against it, when martin o'malley signed the act in march , the laws affective date was pushed to january, giving opponents time to petition the question onto the ballot. a vote for the law would allow it to go in to effect and allow same sex couples to get married and make maryland the 7th strait in addition to columbia to approve marriage equality, not forcing clergy to force marriage ceremonies in violation of religious reliefs. nor would religious organizations would be required to participate in the ceremonies. tomorrow, marylanders will head to the polls and vote for or against question six. 24 hours to do, reporting live in federal hill, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> tomorrow a chance to vote on gaming in maryland, this morning the governor will be at the inner harbor expressing support for question 7. joined by the pg&e county executive. if it pass as new casino will be built in pg&e and games would be allowed to the state's existing casinos. a vote no for 7 has a bus tour spreading its message. >>> the carolina panthers beat the redskins. mitt romney will win the election. this
in federal hill, this morning, 11:00, governor martin o'malley will be here to endorse question number six. it deals with same-sex marriage, there have been controversy over the question for the past several months, with clergy speaking out against it, when governor o'malley signed the marriage protection act in march, the laws affective date was pushed to january, gave opponents time to petition the question. a vote for the law would allow it to go in to effect and pemitt committed same sex couples to get married and make mailed the 7th state in addition to the district of columbia to approve marriage equality. this law wouldn't force jerry to perform ceremonies in violation of religious beliefs or religious organizations be required to participate in the ceremonies if they objected. marylanders will head to the polls to make voices known. we are working for you, read up on the ballot questions and watch interviews of candidates, >>> two year old is dead after a horrible tragedy at the pittsburgh zoo. his mother picked him up and put him on top of the railing and he
% of the vote. governor martin o'malley says the passage of question six sends a message. >> i think it is a really important statement. the people of our state understand that our diversity is our strength, that we are all in this together and that every child's home should be protected equally under the law. maryland chose to move forward on a very controversial issue. >>> all right. taking a look at some of another ballot questions in maryland. voters passed question seven allowing expanded gambling in the state. >> maryland voters also approved question four knowns athe dream act, allowing illegal immigrants to pay in- state tuition at public colleges passed with 59%. voters approved question five giving the okay if a new redistricting map. >>> right now -- for a new redistricting map. >> let's take a quick look at the weather with tucker barnes. >> a nor'easter starting to crank up off the coast. that will bring us a cloudy and cold day and for parts of the area, it will bring us rain and then eventually a transition to cold weather. >> snow?
does not envision the issue coming up again for many years to come. governor martin o'malley supports question 7. he raised the possibility that if questions 7 fails, the general assembly may have to raise taxes to meet future education spending levels. the latest opinion poll puts the question 7 in the fail column, but supporters are saying it will be a close race. >> kai reed is standing by at the baltimore soundstage. >> that is where supporters of same-sex marriage are. we are told emotions are running high this evening. >> definitely running high. we are still in the set up stage. the party does not kick off until at o'clock tonight. i did speak with key players on both sides of the issue this afternoon and they say they know the numbers will be close. i definitely since some nervous energy about how the whole thing will play out. we have some video of governor martin o'malley and ravens linebacker of brendon ayanbadejo. both sides have been campaigning right up until the last minute. i did put together a timeline of the entire issue. opponents protested and countered by gatherin
to encourage car pooling. >>> closer to home, martin o'malley got a firsthand look at the impact of sandy on the eastern shore. he stopped in a bayside home yesterday. they toured flooded roads and houses. they looked at the damage to the town's water which is a hub for crabbing and the town's economic lifeline. >> out of this loss and out of this damage, we can build it better and stronger and to with stand the bigger storm events we are going to deal with for the forseeable future. >> o'malley visited residents in a shelter and went to ocean city to see the flooding and damage to the town's iconic pier. >> turning to the weather, rain falling in areas, a bit of a drizzle. >> a little chilly. just a little chilly. storm team 4 meteorologist, tom kierein with the forecast. >> good morning. >> good morning. sandy still not done with us, yet. these clouds, these areas of sprinkles that have been coming through here this morning are still associated with sandy. the storm formerly known as sandy, which is spinning away over southeastern canada right now. it's a huge storm. it's affecting a bi
o'malley got a firsthand look at the hardest hit parts of the state along the eastern shore. it forced 500 people to evacuate the town of prince field. the governor is committed to helping out. >> hopefully out of this loss and damage, we can build it better and stronger to withstand the bigger storm events that we will be dealing with for the foreseeable future. >> no word on the estimated damage done to the town by the storm. officials say it will be some time before the water drains enough to repair. >> the rain and high winds may be gone but sandy is still claiming lives in maryland. the third storm-related death happened wednesday morning when a tree fell on a contractor doing repairs in annapolis. another victim died when a tree fell through his pasadena home and another died in a traffic accident in montgomery county. >> in druid hill park, sandy claim a piece of history. there was a tree standing in the park for 400 years. it was standing along green spring avenue and toppled onto the roadway during the storm. crews have been able to remove a major parts of it. >> we
and tuesday because of sandy, so governor martin o'malley extended voting through friday. a lot of marylanders waited in line for three hours or longer just to cast their ballots. >> i thought i was going to beat the line, but that's all right, i was expected to stay in line, so i'm going to stay here until i get my chance to vote. >> i know my vote counts. >> early voting also resumed yesterday in the district. d.c. residents can now vote between -- can vote between now and saturday between 8:30 in the morning and 9:00 at night. >>> in virginia, fairfax county is extending in person absentee voters. your last day to submit an in-person absentee ballot is saturday. voting centers will be open from 8:00 until 5:00 that day. you find the list of all those locations on search extended voting. >>> the tax returns of more than three million south carolina residents have been hacked. the state's revenue department says social security numbers, credit card information, and business records from tax records dating back to 1998 may have been compromised. it is considered the largest
. >> in tonight's consumer alert, gov. martin o'malley says the state is working to become more resilience against strong storms. at a conference of utility regulators, the governor told big names in the industry and the importance of setting goals and the importance of meeting them. also, the future of energy in our nation as a whole and regulators spoke about natural gas drilling affecting up fuel costs in the future. thanksgiving kicks off a season full of packed flights and this year, some new policies for passengers who cannot fit in some seats. oversize the flyers may face possible fees. airlines like american will require overnight passengers to purchase an extra see if they cannot buckle their seat belt with an extender, lower the armrests, or if they are " encroaching on a neighboring passenger." delta can ask a passenger aboard another flight in space is limited. for southwest customers to encroach on their neighbors see. they have to buy an additional ticket and it is not overbooked, they will be refunded. those are the rules for just a few of the carriers and they are often observed on
at governor martin o'malley has issues with the way petitions are e wants to change the process. and the ravens extend their winning streak with a rought of the oakland raiders.the records they set in the process.coming up ext on fox 45 news at ten. macfarlane: it's amazing to me that the show has had the cultural impact that it has. for a long while, the simpsons was really the only show that had broken out in this way and i always hoped we would have a prayer of maybe doing that as well. and i think we've done that. ah! smith: one of the great things now is that we're syndicated. so, we're on all the time. and old people like us now. i have an auntie philly who's 92. she loves family guy and she won't let any of her friends in the room when it's on use old people talk back to the television. she wants to hear it. old woman: what? old man: huh? what? huh? what? i forget. i said it before, but we're so thankful to our fans for bringing the show back from the dead, that i almost feel like we owe it to them to give 110% every day to every episode. i try to interact
this year, but opponents gathered enough signatures to put it on the ballot. governor martin o'malley said during a celebration in baltimore that the state must come together now to provide equal rights for everyone. >> we are one. our cause is one. and we must help each other if we are to succeed. >> the amendment will take effect january 1st of next year. overall, it was a good night for supporters of same-sex marriage. maine passed a similar measure while washington state is still counting votes for its own amendment. minnesota voters blocked a ban on same-sex marriage. same-sex marriage is now legal in eight states and the district. >>> many people complained of long lines. in florida, hundreds of people were in line when the polls closed. meanwhile in the northeast, people struggled just to get to their polling stations. >> i've been here three times. they finally got machines in. now the machines are jammed up. it's just total chaos. >> many people in the new york and new jersey area voted in temporary tents and makeshift polling places. election leaders brought in generations to pow
on next week. >> gov. martin o'malley was in western maryland during garrett county. most local roads are still impassable there. the main concern is getting help to senior citizens, the sick, and the disabled. fema has temporarily moved its headquarters out west to respond to the problems there. >> nbc will host a telethon for the victims of sandy. it will be hosted by matt lahar with performances by billy joel, bon jovi and more. it airs tonight at 8:00 in the it right here. all the money raised will go to the american red cross relief. >> 41 degrees at the airport. people up and down the east coast are picking up the pieces following hurricane sandy. >> this is the scene after a recent storm in ohio. one mother said she made the right decision at the right time when we cover the nation. >> a live look at traffic. i-95 north of 195. with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. >> it is nine minutes after 5:00. 46 deg
attributed to sandy has risen. thursday martin o'malley observed conditions in garrett county. state emergency officials have moved their headquarters to western maryland. >> state republican leaders accused the state of placing the blame for pollution on the wrong people. a gathering at the dam, ej pipkin said the majority of the pollution comes from above the dam from other states. they say that is unfair marylanders have to cover the cost of the cleanup. >> as we have seen today the state of maryland is requiring the county to spend billions of dollars to clean up the lower part of the bay, but they're not addressing what is happening here. >> it is all coming down from pennsylvania and new york. for us to punish our citizens is not a good thing. >> debris and sentiment turned up and tropical storm lee was blamed for ruining the rock fish harvest. take a look at this. this video was captured of the storm's arrival, stretching it from saturday afternoon all the way through tuesday morning. while this is a fraction of it, you can see the entire video online at >> the dev
be removed from office. martin o'malley still needs to approve hall, who lost the race for the seat in 2010. >> 95% of the state and county roads are open after super storm sandy. a fourth person died as a result of sandy. >what a week after sandy, some state troopers of waking up in new jersey to help with relief efforts. 25 troopers would apply to new jersey. the troopers have expertise in k-9 tracking and underwater recovery. 23 emergency medical providers are also assisting in the effort. >> ravens fans could have slept easier last night after the ravens came back to beat the cleveland browns yesterday. the rookie quarterback had under 200 yards passing. ray rice had a score in the first quarter. the browns would take the lead in the fourth quarter thanks to their fifth field goal of the game. the ravens won 25-15. >> 41 degrees at the airport. a staff sergeant has to a military court today. >> a welcome distraction for children. a belated halloween. >> this is the beltway at liberty road. more on weather and traffic when we come back. >> welcome back. 46 degrees downtown. there is some
are taken out. >>> governor martin o'malley will attend three rallies on sexual equality. the third rally will be held at 3:00 this afternoon in our area at the university of maryland. >>> today over 100 people are expected to attend a rally for maryland's d.r.e.a.m. act. students and advocated will gather at montgomery college, silver spring campus at 1:00 this afternoon. the law would allow all maryland residents to pay instate tuition regardless of immigration status. if the d.r.e.a.m. act passes, lower tuition could kick in as soon as next semester. >>> the redskins end their bye week on a down note. burgundy and gold feeling blue after falling to the panthers 24-13. news 4's dan hellie was reaction from the players following that frustrating loss. >> reporter: this was the tipping point for the redskins. enter the bye week at 4-5, we'd be talking about the playoffs, hoepds are still alive, everybody still praising rg3. lose, you drop to 3-6, and the season is all but over, and mike shanahan essentially acknowledged that in his post-game press conference, saying the redskins are now i
of snow there from the big superstorm. last week governor martin o'malley toured the areas hit. nearly all residents should have power by midnight tonight. >>> i have been combing through the daily deals. here's a deal to display the holiday picture you plan to take to the family. google offers has a deal with a framing studio in washington dc. you will pay $49 and get $200 to use for any custom framing project. >>> get an exam, x-rays and teeth cleaning for 5 bucks. that is going to save you about $250. this is with berkshire county dental. >>> let's go have some fun. 901 restaurant and bar has an offer with deal city. pay $12 and get open bar for two on a friday or saturday night from 9:00 until 10:00 pm. get open bar for 15 people, start a little party. >>> if you have an offer you have sent, i would love to hear from you on facebook. >>> the presidential candidates are crisscrossing the country during their final day of campaigning. >> could the election end up with irregularities that marred the presidential race? a former white house aide turned author has nor. >>> -- has more. >>> s
martin o'malley visited county that was pounded on with two feet of snow. flooding in alexandria last night. campaignresidential returns to full swing. president obama and nevada and wisconsin. and virginia. more in an in-depth report on newschannel 8 in a few minutes. the commute. >> thank you. trains and metro rail on-time come on schedule. train on-time -- but there's a broken down amtrak .rain all in the south lawn of about 60 running minutes late. ride and shirlington passed the pentagon and the 14th street bridge. earlier tractor-trailer has now beenled cleared. 355 southbound, an incident blocking the left side. but as check and let the jacqui jeras. >> 46 degrees at reagan national. are seeing a low forties area. the clouds as well. lingering.ess showers, ay north as you can doppler.per .ot amounting to much sunshine and clouds. will be cool. 52 to 58. day showing you it will for some [ earnest ] out of the blue one day, we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for. just day later, all three s
of baltimore, martin o'malley. it's good to have you here. i want to get straight to these numbers. as we know, the support for marriage equality nationally is at 54%. americans say they approve, however, a recent poll shows the issue is is now in a dead heat for your state and as i've been doing my research, i've hearned some leaders may rally against it. is this an influence of politics? >> i don't think so. i think that sun poll is an outliou outlier. most of the polls show that we can come to the conclusion that we can protect religious freedom and rights. we can do both. that's what question six is all about. so with the exception of that baltimore sun poll, most of the others are showing marriage equality running several points ahead. and we're hoping that tomorrow, marylanders of every faith will vote for marriage equality. >> sir, as we've seen and known for years, maryland is solidly blue for the president, but in states like north carolina where we saw a measure like this, they instituted an anti same-sex measure in north carolina. does this chip away at support that the president mi
and sudden death. he did it on his watch and it will be talked about. >> eliot: martin o'malley is a great guy great friend. joe biden and hillary clinton larger stars. superstars in the political lexicon. but we'll have to wait and see. thanks goodness it's four years off. political reporter joe williams political correspondent molly ball. thank you. >> vu finder next. [ forsythe ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska. it's the cleanest, clearest water. we find the best sweetest crab for red lobster that we can find. [ male announcer ] hurry in to red lobster's crabfest! the only time of year you can savor 5 succulent crab entrees all under 20 dollars. like a half-pound of tender snow crab paired with savory grilled shrimp, just 12.99. or our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake. [ forsythe ] if i wouldn't put it on my table at home, i wouldn't bring it in. my name's jon forsythe and i sea food differently. [ piano plays ] troy polamalu's going deeper. ♪ ♪ and so is head & shoulders deep clean. [ male announcer ] with 7 benefits
and it will be talked about. >> eliot: martin o'malley is a great guy great friend. joe biden and hillary larger stars. superstars in the political lexicon. but we'll have to wait and see. thanks goodness it's four years off. political reporter joe williams ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do ♪ [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> eliot: coming up, the super donors who tried and fail to buy the election. karl rove has the munchies, admit mitt find the silver lining in his failure to win the presidency. when it doesn't fit anywhere else we put it in the view finder. >> hello, president obama. >> all right hey barak. >> hey, mitt what's new? ♪ i'm still ♪ rich ♪ i'm
hillary clin will eventually say yes. as for the new names, keep your eyes on maryland governor martin o'malley and new york governor andrew cuomo. now i can keep going. we don't have the time. if you think i'm jumping the gun, listen to this reputable guy. >> the political news junkies like me, it's never too early to think about ohio, new hampshire, and all the rest. >> reporter: call this the beginnings of the preseason when white house contenders write books, start up packs, campaign for fellow candidates and start building up friends in the early primary and caucus states. susan? >>> it seems like it is too early. i don't know. we appreciate that, paul. thanks for that report. >>> you know, a medal won in battle is a small reminder of a big event in a soldier's life. the memories last but not always the medals. sometimes they get lost. when that happens, one man made it his mission to find them and return them. this is his story. ♪ >> my dad, was a veteran of the first world war, a big war. he lost his right leg fighting in france. he received a purple heart for that. >> we had it for ma
that secretary of state hillary clinton will eventually say yes. as for new names keep your eyes on martin o'malley and governor andrew cuomo. i can keep going, but i don't have time. if you think i'm jumping the gun, listen to this political guy. >> for news junkies like me it's never too early to think about iowa and new hampshire and all of the rest. >> when pos contenders write books, start candidates and build friends early in the caucus states. randi? >> thank you very much. >>> several veterans who served in iraq and afghanistan are celebrating their 2012 victory. in fact, it was a his tore uk election for them. barbara starr has more on the veterans getting ready to take their seat in congress. >> reporter: republican tom cotton, a veteran of iraq and afghanistan was one of the big winners tuesday, seizing the fourth congressional district seat in arkansas. >> although i don't know what committee i'll be assigned to, ultimately i want to play a central role in helping guide america's national policy and foreign policy. >> reporter: cotton, a law school graduate was an infantry officer with
, so governor martin o'malley extended it for two days. he also extended polling station hours by three hours. >> i thought i was going to beat the line, but that's all right. i was expecting to stay in line, is i'm going to stay in until i get my chance to vote. >> i was worried. i know my vote counts. that's why we're able to go out and vote now. >>> you can also vote early in d.c. between now and saturday from 8:30 until 9:00 at night. >>> fairfax county is extending in person absentee hours. you can now vote from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 tonight. voting centers will be open from 8:00 until 5:00 on saturday. >>> millions of tax returns in south carolina have been hacked. the state's revenue department says social security numbers, credit card information, and business records from the returns dating back to 1998 may have been compromised. it is considered the largest cyber attack against the state tax department in u.s. history. both state and federal agencies are investigating. >>> melissa malay is at the news desk with more. >> we just learned an announcement is expected today t
the storm dies out for good later on this week. today, governor martin o'malley will visit those hardest hit. >> you have to keep reminding injureself there is that going on. >> it is just a couple hours to the west but not that far away. closer to town, we are looking at a couple of sprinkles and light hours to start your day. as the sun gets up, we'll see a lot of clouds arm to start your day. and eventually some peeks or hibts of sunshine. -- we'll see a lot of clouds around to start your day. and eventually some peeks or hints of sunshine. temperatures currently at reagan national, 46 degrees. lots of 0s just off to the north and west. -- lots of 30s just off to the north and west. these temperatures are just a little cool for this time of year. it is the 1st of november. but we should typically be in the mid-60s for afternoon highs. today, 55 with clouds and sun. >> beautiful. thank you. let's check in with julie wrightnow. ightnow. >> all right, you guys. let's start off again with the crew in sky fox joining us this morning checking out the drive in virginia eastbound along 66 as you
general and martin o'malley among others. >> our community is the host of national harbor. and we were promised that our -- that the residential quality of life would be protected. >> reporter: the two challenging questions is maryland's attorney general's office said the majority of those who voted could pass question 7. the attorney filing the suit said it takes the majority of qualified voters in maryland to pass a constitutional amendment. including those who didn't even show up to vote. >> i think the attorney general is all over the board on this. at the end of this day it comes down to people protecting their community as much as they don't like gaining, what they're really concerned about is a casino in their neighborhood. >> reporter: the thought of a casino, that they weren't expecting, is more than they can bear. >> we were made promises, and these promises have been not kept. >> reporter: maryland's election will be certified somewhere around november 16th. that's when the last of absentee ballots will be counted. and that's the period they're hoping to beat theft want to g
'll decide to do. >> reporter: how about other democrats? keep an eye on governor martin o'malley of maryland. it's not hard, since he keeps turning up on this show and this one, this one and this one. republicans? paul ryan ran for president once, according to mitt romney. >> joining me in welcoming the next president of the united states, paul ryan. >> reporter: we just learned that florida's marco rubio will coincidentally be headlining a birthday celebration for the iowa governor in altoona. don't be surprised if you see bobby jindal take a ski trip to new hampshire or chris christie with a time share in south carolina and there are others. so many others. there are still a great many twists and turns and unknowns, but one thing about 2016 seems fairly certain, they'll still be counting ballots in florida from this time. john burman, cnn, new york. >> for political news junkies like me i can't wait, already looking forward to the iowa caucuses. >>> jeanne moos has been combing through hours and hours of election coverage. up next she'll show us some of the most unusual moments. at unitedh
before marylanders hit the polls, today governor martin o'malley will hit three separate rally. first, the rally supporting the gaming referendum. it will start at 10:15 at baltimore's inner harbor. governor o'malley will then attend two rallies for marriage equality. the first rally will take place right at the federal hill. the second rally will be held at 3:00 this afternoon at the university of maryland. and those are just two of the ballot initiatives marylanders will be voting on in this election. news 4 megan mcgrath breaks down some of the contentious issues and the impact results could have on the state. >> tomorrow of course is election day. a big voter turnout is expected. we're here at the prince georges county board of elections. you can see a number of people have com to fill out absentee ballots today. many more though will be going to their traditional polling places beginning at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. because of the long lines that are expected, election officials are asking voters to do some research. a flurry of activity at the county board of elections as vote
, and we must help each other if we are to succeed. >> reporter: martin o'malley was credited for his leadership. supporters of marriage equality celebrated the victory for gay marriage. >> it came down to people understood there is equality, what marylanders believe in. >> reporter: question 6 passed despite the fact that in prince george's county, 51% of the voters cast ballots against it. leading a community divided. >> i can never accept the fact that they're finding two of the same sex as being a marriage. now, that's just not what -- what america's supposed to be defined as. >> i think it's a wonderful thing. they should have the same rights as everyone else. >> reporter: one religious leader here in prince george's county, not only supports marriage equality, but actually did a tv ad in support of question 6. he's the senior pastor here at a baptist church in clinton, maryland. >> i believe the issue of marriage equality is one of the defining civil rights issues of our day. but i think we can provide marriage equality in a way that doesn't infringe upon people's religious free
. opponents gathered enough signatures to put it on the ballot. governor martin o'malley said the state must come together to provide equal rights for everyone. >> we are one. our cause is one. we must help each other if we are to succeed. >> the amendment will take effect january 1st of next year. overall, a good night for supporters of same-sex marriage. maine passed a similar measure. the state of washington is counting votes for their own amendment. the only state that blocked a ban on same-sex marriage was minnesota. >>> you will soon be able to experience las vegas without leaving the area. voters passed a measure to bring table game tosca see knows. it paves the way to a casino. tony tull is live with more for us now. tony? >> reporter: good morning. over the last couple days, i spent a lot of time in prince george's county, especially yesterday talking to folks about question 7. there was no way to tell which way it was going to go. it has passed. the empty lot behind me is the sight of maryland's sixth casino. one of the hottest topics was at the poll. residents of prince george's c
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